Is this true also for you?

  • I am perfectly healthy. I do not have any pain, I am satisfied with my body. Nobody around me complains about health or body.
  • All my relations are perfect.
  • My life and job are entertaining. I do only what I like. I am never stressed.
  • My income is excelent. I am independent. I have as much free time as I want.
  • I enjoy my life. I have abundance in all fields of my life

If the previous sentences are true for you - CONGRATULATION. Please, contact me your way of how to live should be shared.

If some of the previous statement is not true for you and you want to change it - CONGRATULATION - you are on the right place. This pages may help you with the change IF YOU WANT. 

... the change could be easy ...


Brief selections of fields where kinesiology helped

Kinesiol ogy One Brain helps:

  • improve learning (reading, writing, counting, remember information, understand information)
  • improve communication
  • lower work stress, overfatigue
  • improve therapy
  • adjust weight (down but also up)
  • with problems  with money,  business, career...
  • with problems to understand sexualityi
  • with problems to become pregnant


Kinesi ology One Brain eliminates:

  • current stress (fears of - exams, doctor's visit, illness, animals, insects, big or small space etc.)
  • past stress - caused by bad experience in childhood, adolescence and adulthood
  • inner constaints (towards yourself, other people, business, school, professional relations)
  • dyslexia (reading, writing, counting, hyperactivity, lack of concentration)
  • exam fever
  • problems with sleeping
  • stammering
  • proplems in relationship
  • alergy
  • addictions and phobias
  • obsessions
  • headache a backache

Kinesiology One Brain leads to:

  • strengthened immunity and overal health improvemend
  • recovering of  own congenital abilities
  • balance in mental and material domain


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